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Salads & Soups
Dressings: Ranch, Honey Mustard, Bleu Cheese, Italian, French or 1000 Island
Cobb Salad
Your choice of chicken or Shrimp, with bacon, avocado, hard boiled eggm tomatoes and olives, served over a bed of salad greens and your choice of dressing   / Half 

Honey Mustard Chicken Salad
Grilled or Crispy chicken, bacon, cheddar-jack cheese, olives and tomatoes, served over a bed of salad greens, served with honey mustard dressing  / Half

Santa Fe Salad
Mesquite grilled chicken breast, cheddar-jack cheese, tomatoes and olives, served over a bed of salad greens with sweet chili dressing / Half 
Our Famous Taco Salad
Lettuce, 1000 island dressing, your choice of chicken or taco meat, cheddar-jack cheese, beans tomatoes, olives, sour cream and salsa  / Half 

Chef Salad
Ham, turkey, cheddar-jack cheese, tomatoes, hard boiled egg over a bed of fresh salad greens and your choice of dressing  / Half 

House Salad

Homemade Salad
Bowl  / Cup 

Soup, Salad and Bread Cup  / Bowl 
Your choice of bbq pulled pork, grilled chicken or ground beef with a cheddar-jack cheese blend inside a flour tortilla with a crispy parmesan outer crust 

Nachos Grande
Tortilla chips, smothered with cheddar-jack cheese, olives, tomatoes, sour cream and salsa  6.95
make the nachos deluxe by adding your choice of chicken, ground beef or pulled pork 

Onion Rings
Served with ranch dressing 

Mozzarella Sticks
Lightly battered and deep fried served with ranch dressing

Appetizer Platter
Onion Rings, stuffed sticks, mozzarella sticks and mushrooms  Small   / Large 

Lightly breaded and deep fried.  Served with ranch dressing 

Deep Fried Vegetables
Your choice of green beans, zucchini or pickles 

Stuffed Crowns
Tater sticks stuffed with cheddar cheese and jalapenos

Chips and Salsa 

Tater Tots, Curly or House Fries 

Sweet Potato Fries 
Favorite Baskets
Served with grilled bread and one choice of soup, salad, fries, macaroni, potato salad or tater tots
  / Lighter Side avaiable
Hand Cut and Battered Fish Fillets

Clam Strips

Chicken Strips
Finger Steaks

Butterfly Shrimp
Squeeze In Famous Burgers
Cheeseburger *   / Add ham or bacon 

Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger  * 

Jalapeno Pepper Jack  *
Fresh jalapenos slices and melted pepper-jack topped on a juicy burger 

Mushroom Swiss
Mexi Burger
Green chili, sliced avocado and melted swiss cheese 

Pineapple Swiss Burger  *
Grilled pineapple, melted swiss cheese on a juicy burger 

Grilled Onion   * 

Sweet Potato Fries!
Upgrade meal for 1.00 or full order 4.95
Add a twist and have chicken, turkey or garden patty

Served with your choice of soup, salad, fries, macaroni, potato salad or tater tots.  All of our burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, onions, dill relish and mayo
Items marked with * may be cooked to order.  Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, shellfish or eggs, may increase your risk of foodborne illness, espicially if you have certain medical conditions.

Old Fashioned Sandwiches
Fish Burger
Hand breaded fish fillets battered, deep fried on topped on a grilled bun 

Veggie Delight
Cream cheese, fresh avocado, mushrooms, crisp lettuce and juicy tomato  / Half

Patty Melt
Grilled Rye with melted swiss, 1000 island dressing and grilled onions 

Squeeze French Dip
Tender sliced roast beef on a sub bun, served au jus 
Add grilled onion or cheese for .50

Maui Wowi
Ham, brown sugar cloves, pineapple, swiss and mayo heated and topped with lettuce, vinegar and oil  / Half

Triple decker with ham, turkey, crispy bacon, swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and mayo toasted on whole wheat 

Turkey, cream cheese, cranbery sauce and lettuce  / Half 
Pastrami, swiss, sauerkraut on grilled rye 

Crispy bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato 

BLTA (With avocado)

Philly Squeeze Steak
Prime rib, grilled onions, peppers, cream cheese and steak 

Your choice of bread or a sub roll stacked with beef, ham, turkey or pastrami, your choice of cheddar, American, swiss or pepper jack  Whole / Half 

BBQ Pulled Pork or Beef Sandwich
Your choice of pulled pork or beef smothered in BBQ sauce topped with coleslaw and served on a light baked bun 

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich
Served open faced with mashed potatoes and brown gravy and your choice of soup or salad 
Served with soup, green salad, macaroni, potato salad, homemade fries or tater sticks  (*unless noted otherwise)
Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado served with a choice of side 

Spicy Turkey Wrap
Turkey, green chili, cheddar, pepperjack cheese, tomato and bacon 
Grilled Salmon
Served with veggies and bread  9.75

Caesar Chicken Wrap
Chicken breast, parmesan, tomato, romaine mix and caesar dressing  9.25